The (Ăn)thology Book

A visual anthology about Vietnamese food, identity, and culture.

The (Ăn)thology Project published the art of Vietnamese-Canadian women and artists (ages 18-29). From British Columbia and Ontario, the collective explores connections between Vietnamese food, identity, and culture. The project was led and co-faciliated by Monika Lê, Vivi To, and Jennifer Trương–with support from Julia Huỳnh, Linda Bùi, Anna Nguyễn, and Linda Phạm. 

A total of 10 artists were involved in the fruition of the book: Angela Hoàng, Anna Đỗ, Connie Lê, Delia Nguyễn, Thuỳ Dung Phan, Kelsey Ngân Phùng, Megan Trầnphạm, Michelle Huỳnh, Tiffany Dương, and Y Vy Trường. Learn more about the artists, here!

We raised a total of $900 from (Ăn)thology book sales which was donated to the New Horizons Senior Cooking Program at Golden Age Village of the Elderly (GAVE). Thank you to everyone who supported the launch of (Ăn)thology. We couldn't have done this without you.

An online version of our (Ăn)thology book is available for viewing below: